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Chakra Healing blanket

 Here is a video about the Chakra Blankets. You need to copy and paste or highlight and search.  
you can go to you-tube and search Chakra Healing Blanket.


Stop the destruction of the Rainforests and their medicinal plants. To destroy nature is to destroy life. Rainforests produce 40% of Earth's oxygen.  Curare comes from a tropical vine, and is used as an anesthetic and to relax muscles during surgery. Quinine, from the cinchona tree, is used to treat malaria. A person with lymphocytic leukemia has a 99% chance that the disease will go into remission because of the rosy periwinkle. More than 1,400 varieties of tropical plants are thought to be potential cures for cancer.  The Amazon is the largest Rainforest in the world. read about it here:  

Reiki Gassho meditation

                                            Reiki Gassho Meditation 
Gassho in Japanese means to place your hands together in prayer. It is to prepare your body and mind to receiving unconditional love.
Sit in your usual meditation position. Totally Relax your body and your mind. let go of all worries and concentrate on your breath. Place you hands in prayer position.
Breathe quietly and pay attention to your inhales and exhales. 
Thoughts will appear. Do not build dramas on negative thoughts. Say thank you for sharing and bring your attention  back to your inhales and exhales. 
Use this meditation before beginning a Reiki treatment. It will improve your ability to channel Reiki healing energy. 
It is beneficial to do this every day for a few minutes.
Some say fifteen minutes daily will be equivalent to a full Reiki self - treatment

Full Moon

Full moon December 25 - Christmas night

Prayers are Manifesting!

Your prayers are manifesting even though you can't see it yet. Have faith.

Tips to reduce holiday stress.

With Christmas holiday coming up we may need to remember to Reduce Stress. Some ways to let go of stress:
Meditation, Physical exercise,
Dance and shake up and release your Endorphins, Get enough sleep, Positive Affirmations, Prayer. listening to relaxing Classical music, Massage, Reiki healing Sessions, Taking a slow deep breath, Do something you really enjoy. Take a walk in nature, Connect with friends and family, Drink plenty of Water,Eat real food, (not processed)
Get your Chakras balanced.
I love you all, Stay well and enjoy every day. May your angels watch over you and guide you.
Annette Labate

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace
Archangel Gabriel Please bring this message to God asking for peace and good will on earth for all inhabitants including animals. I ask that you heal everyone who is held down by anxiety and stress, and grant them clarity of mind. Ask all the league of God's angels to surround the world with love and peace. Please heal and remove everything that is causing stress, grief and sorrow. Please guide our path through life and make our enemies be at peace with us. Let your peace reign in our family, at our place of work, businesses and everything we lay our hands on. Let your angels of peace go ahead of us when we go out and stay by our side when we return. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Love and peace to all Annette labate

Chakra healing Crystals

6th (Third Eye) Chakra: Amethyst: Increases intuition, this is the most popular stone to open the third eye, focuses energy to where it is needed, protects against addictions, negative energies, nightmares, insomnia, back pain, digestive problems, arthritis, skin problems; blisters, itching, dermatitis, sunburn, acne, migraines, high blood pressure, neck and muscle tension, stimulates the immune system.

Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battle in the belief that amethysts heal people and keep them cool-headed .
Beads of amethyst were found in Anglo Saxon graves in England.
Western Christian bishops wear an episcopal ring often set with an amethyst.
amethyst is a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness and to instill a sober mind.                                               
Try amethysts if you are struggling with addiction or it  can be a possible gift for someone with addiction.
You can hold it to your heart and put the intention for whatever healing you need.     For more information on Crystals for healing and protection visit                                           


Chakra Balancing Mat

Need to balance your energy centers? 
Relax with our beautiful Chakra Balancing Mat (mini-blanket made on luxurious velveteen fleece) measuring 30"x 40" and the colors are positioned to match each chakra when you relax on it . 
This mini-blanket has so much energy including the power of colors, sacred geometry symbols, powerful words, Chakra Rights and crystal listings. Each mat is also infused with healing Reiki Energy and healing Angelic Energies (IET) to help clear any blocks you may have.

*Keeps your chakras cleared and balanced just relaxing on it.
*Sleeping with it opens your subconscious to spontaneous healing.Can be used with Crystals or without. 
Purchase one for yourself or your business (Massage, Reiki and Energy Healers). And don't forget one for your friend.
You can purchase this at: 
$5 discount if you pick up in person and bring 2 canned goods for the local Food Bank.

I purchased one of these for my Reiki table and I will use it with my Chakra Clearings and balancing. It is so soft. - Blessings, Annette

Picture on the left it is on a reclining chair.

Balance Chakras while resting on your reclining chair!
Balance your Chakras while resting in bed.

Put the Chakra balancing mat wherever you feel comfortable using it.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to wheel or disk. Chakras are wheels of energy around the body. There are 7 fundamental Chakras which correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. 

These Chakras have a manifestation in the physical body as well as the subtle body. Here is a list of the Chakras and the possible manifestations. 

Here are some physical and emotional symptoms when the chakras are out of balance.

The first three Chakras are more physical in nature.

1. Root Chakra - If you are insecure. not feeling safe, your basic needs are not getting met, then your Root Chakra is not working properly. You may be blocked or held back by beliefs tied to family, your health in this Chakra may be tied to early upbringing. Constipation may tell you that your root Chakra is out of balance. The color Red is used for this Chakra.  Wear something Red to stimulate this Chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra - issues affected are creative expression, sexuality, money, relationships, empathy, nurturing, allowing yourself to enjoy pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, fear of abandonment and intimacy. The color is Orange.

3. Solar Plexus -Governs your personality and will power, self- esteem and personal identity. This is the area of assertiveness, intuition, and inner drive. This area controls digestion and the metabolic systems that processes the energy needed to overcome inertia and apathy. The color is Yellow.

The fourth Chakra is the connection between matter and spirit. It is our source of love. When we heal the first three Chakras we open the spiritual Chakras more fully
Ron Roth has said that if you heal your heart Chakra, the lower Chakras will fall into place.

4. Heart Chakra - Love of self, compassion for others, universal love, your capacity to feel, express yourself emotionally, and to participate in true partnerships where both partners are equally powerful and vulnerable. Your heart chakra is where you process and store emotional experiences, kindness, empathy, quest for peace. The
color is Green. Some people like pink and use Rose Quartz for the heart Crystal because it carries the love vibration.

The Spiritual Chakras.

5. Throat Chakra - Expressing yourself ,communication, Speaking the truth, listening, hearing the truth, manifesting creativity, associated body parts are throat, neck, ears, jaw, mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, and thyroid gland. If you are experiencing sore throats and illness around the throat area you may be having trouble expressing your feelings. The color is blue.

6. Third Eye Chakra - Governs Intuition, imagination, intellect, perception,inner wisdom, insight, clarity, clairvoyance, imagination, dreams, ideas, reasoning, connection to the higher self and telepathy. Associated body parts are eyes, brain, pituitary and pineal glands, lymphatic and endocrine systems, and sinuses. We all have intuition, but may not listen to it. Frequent headaches may mean your Third Eye Chakra is blocked. The color is Indigo.

7. Crown Chakra - Spirituality, intelligence, broad mindedness, divinity, connection to the divine, intuitive knowing, higher consciousness, knowledge, understanding, meditation, enlightenment. if you experience a lack of purpose, loss of meaning in your life, indifference, and depression, your crown chakra may be unbalanced.
The color is Purple.
If you would like to have your Chakras cleared and balanced send me an email  to make an appointment.