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Don't take your children to a dental school.

My mother was obsessed with taking me to doctors.  One day she bought me to the dental school in Philadelphia. I had no tooth aches. I brushed my teeth every morning and every night. They taught students there, so many students came in and practiced on my teeth. They drilled out the good pulp and filled all of my molars with mercury. I was eight years old and didn’t know any better.  My mother left me there all day. When all the molars were filled the teacher decided to let them practice taking a nerve out. Each time I went I had different students come to screw the screw in my gum and push it up and down in my gum. After many days of that, I got traumatized. When the next student came in, I held on to the chair real tight. My mouth was held open with some apparatus with grey rubber attached to metal. I wasn’t able to talk. I looked at him and thought please stop this. Don’t do this again. He talked to the teacher and refused to do it. They argued and went out of the horror room. They came back and the student took the apparatus off my mouth and took me to the cafeteria. Gave me a coke. I didn’t want it. I couldn’t understand why a dentist was giving me soda. We waited and waited for my mother to come and finally she came, at 6pm. He talked to her and we left. She then took me to a dentist. He looked at my teeth and said, you could not have had that many cavities. Who did this to you? I told him the dental school. He said: “oh my God. Don’t go back there.

The tooth they took the nerve out turned black. I had to get it pulled out. My gum changed and now my front tooth sticks out. Eventually the mercury gets loose and when I bite it can break the tooth.
Don't leave your child there alone if you have to go to one.  I didn't have any cavities but they filled every tooth so they could learn.

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