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Are Angel Tarot cards all Positive?

Some people have asked me if the Angel Tarot cards are just all positive. The angel Tarot has the same meanings as the Classic Rider Waite Tarot. Some cards are positive and others may have warnings or they may show up as something sad in your life. They are not all positive.
If you have a reader who knows the Classic Rider Waite Tarot meanings, your reading will be the same as if they were using the Rider Waite. You will get a positive reading if that is what you need to know. If you need a warning you will get that in the cards. 

Mainly your reading depends more on the interpreter's intuition and experience with the cards. If you get someone who is just reading what the cards have printed on them. That is not an intuitive reading. There is much more to a reading.
I had two people for a reading and one was very positive while her friend had cards that were telling her that she will have to have patience and there was a sadness. 
She did have a problem that was very sad and it wasn't going to be easy to resolve. I gave her some ideas on what she could do.

The woman with the positive reading told me later that she was very worried about a problem but everything turned out well. The cards were right.

I have read playing cards for myself and family many years ago. then I had an interest in Runes  and I read Runes for Halloween parties.
I also dabbled in Rune magic for a while, which bought me some much needed financial help.

Many years ago I had a profound encounter with an angel while I was meditating. I felt so much love and protection while the angel was with me. That angel changed my outlook on life. I stopped worrying and the angel had told me there was a reason for the things I was going through at that time, and that I should watch for something coming my way. I received a call asking me if I wanted to join a Reiki class and so I did that with great anticipation. Later I found the Angel Tarot and decided to use that deck for my readings.

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