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Have a Blessed Year!

Eat healthy food 
Get plenty of rest   
Think positive thoughts    
Know your true desires
Know that you are a worthy person
Learn to love yourself - 
look at all of your good points everyday
Believe in yourself - 
You deserve to be loved   
Let go of the past  
Forgive yourself and others
Unclutter your environment 
Unclutter Your Mind

Have you been told?

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Have You Been Told?
I received a flash presentation similar to this video. I wanted to share it with all of you so I made a video. The text is the same but obviously I've chosen different pictures. The web site it www.Be...

Angel Message for May 2012

             Angel Message for May 2012
Remember, as a child, how everything seemed possible? 
You wished upon a star, and your imagination was set free. 
How  you loved the challenge of pushing against the strongest of winds
You were the master of your world. 
When you played with puzzles if one piece didn't fit you tried another and another. You had perseverance. You were resourceful.
you believed in yourself
Bring back the magic of belief.
It is time now to use your imagination 
and set your creativity free.

Make someone happy today

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"Validation" is a fable about the magic of free parking. Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis. Writer/Director/Composer - Kurt Kuenne. Winner - Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int'l Film Festival, Winne...

Good morning!movie - Reminder to Stay Positive Today!

Enjoy this movie! Put some laughter into your life today! 
Whatever makes you happy. Wake up and say to the world
"Today is My Day!"

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Good morning original version
Musique d'origine de la pub télé2

Angel Wisdom

Angel Reading
By Annette LaBate
Angel Amarushaya sends her Blessings and asks you to think about a special Spiritual Law: 
If you can't say anything positive, then don't say anything at all.

Practice the moment you awake to think positive. Say out loud: "This is going to be a great day for me." It may be raining and you have to go out in it. Think of all the positive aspects of the rain. Rain helps plants growth.etc. 

Anger, Judging, and criticizing others throughout the day is habitual communication. Catch and  stop yourself from Judging and criticizing. All you have to lose is negative communication. Change  your habits. There may be a change in the people who surround you, and there will definitely be a change in the quality of your life.
When you radiate anger, the universe will radiate anger back to you.
When you radiate Love - the Universe radiates Love back to you!

Your thoughts and spoken words will reflect back to you with greater amplification. So you see it is to your benefit to control your thoughts and words. When others talk negative, don't join in. Be silent. Read inspiational books, Meditate, Learn to enjoy the silence. Speaking and thinking positive is part of your spiritual path. Be tender with yourself and others. Many Blessing will come to you for your effort.

Angel Reading

Angel Reading
By Annette 

You are a link between the past and the future. Negative behavior that has run through your family for generations can stop with you. You have the ability to change and affect many future lives.

If you were a victim in the past, forgiveness is your healing balm. When you truly practice forgiveness you will release energy draining emotions of hurt, anger, and revenge. Let go of these self defeating thoughts and emotions. Help the angels to keep your life free of the sludge of bitterness, guilt and negative emotions, so that a clear outpouring of peace and happiness can flow through you. If whoever hurt you is still alive take steps to forgive, and to build a positive relationship with them by seeking to understand. Many Blessings on your Journey!

Zen Movie for Enlightenment

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Biology Lesson for Enlightenment
A higher spiritual awareness of the biology of the brain & mind can significantly advance one towards Enlightenment.

healing movie

This is the most successful, informative movie I have seen on healing yourself.
Rather than having surgery and chemo, she took responsibliity for her health, and she had disipline, trust, and determination.
Please click here to watch this movie.
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Healing Cancer Alternative No Operation No Chemo No Drugs
This interview was recorded in April 2011 on the Joy For Life Retreat Australia.The woman speaking has healed herself from cancer by consuming mostly green smoothies and doing Byron Katie's 'The Wor...
                                                              Another successful Healing

Angel healing Wisdom

Zagzagel is the angel of inner wisdom.
I ask Zagzagel for help with my Reiki clients who are too busy with daily activities and their thoughts are filled with clutter from the media, to be aware of their inner self.
Inner listening is impossible when you are filled with fears and judgments. Illusion keeps you bound to shame, anger, and many more negative emotions.
Catch yourself dwelling on these negative thoughts and turn your thoughts to health giving, strength and vigor. Create health giving mind movies.
Visualize the floating clouds drifting in the blue sky. Remember when you experienced the fresh breeze tickling your cheeks and gently playing with your hair. See and hear the blueish green ocean waves rippling toward clean white sand, and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze while soaking in the nourishing sun. Hear the birds full of life and motion.
Trust and have faith that the supreme power that created all of these things, and much more, is a part of your Spiritual, inner mind-not your material conscious mind.-
As your faith increases, so will your own power to heal.