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Welcome to Reiki Certification Classes with
Healing Touch of  Usui Reiki Ryoho
 All levels of Reiki Training 
 Bensalem Pa. and Flemington, New Jersey

Reiki 1 Certification Training -Shoden 
Treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Awaken the healer within, while learning the Ancient Sacred Japanese Healing technique to heal yourself and your family and friends. 
Learn to feel the subtle chi energy of the aura in your hands and perform energy healing.
You will learn the history of Reiki, the lineage, Crystal, Chakra, and aura healing, and you will receive a Reiki healing treatment. You will learn to perform a Reiki healing Session for others.  Receive guided meditations to release negative energy and balance your Chakras  and four attunements to help open your heart to love and your hands to healing energy. Learn in a comfortable atmosphere, and you will receive your own manual and Practitioner's certificate. All you need is a desire to heal. 

Reiki 1 Certification Classes:   2015
Choose one day that fits your schedule.
These are one day classes.

Bensalem Pa.  19020 :    10am to 4 pm

February 28
March  14

April  11
Flemington  N.J. 08822:    2015

Pick a date:

February 21 

March 7 2015

April  4
 $165                         10am to 4 pm
$40 confirmation deposit- Pay balance at Class and email me for the date that you want.
                    Register at 
                    215 245 1211
If you already took Reiki 1 and would like to review the Reiki 1 class and receive guided meditations, attunements and practice Reiki send me an email.
         Reiki 2 Chuden  2015
Reiki 2 Certification Distance Healing
Make your healing practice more powerful by using the healing sacred symbols.
Learn and practice sending Distance healing to your loved ones. Learn Reiki emotional Healing and the Power, Emotional, and Distance symbols for a more powerful Distance healing session.
Bring a picture of someone you want to send healing to, or you can just bring yourself.
10am to $4:00 pm.
Pick the Date you would like to attend:

Flemington N.J. - March  21 2015

Bensalem Pa. -  March 28
March 28

$40 Deposit for confirmation.

To register: 
Phone: 215 245 1211
Reiki Master Class Level 3   

Flemington N.J

You will learn the more powerful Master symbol for healing.
You will also be attuned to the Sacred Master symbol. 
Anyone who has completed Reiki 1 and 2 can join this class.
You will be applying the Reiki Level 2 Symbols, and working 
with crystals and pendulum.
You will also be scanning and healing the energy field.
Upon completion of the class you will have earned the 
Reiki Master Certificate. 
Reiki Tea CeremonyPlease bring your Reiki 2 manual to class.
Sign up learn, practice and enjoy.
We will have a Reiki Master Tea Ceremony at
the end of the class.

Bensalem Pa. April 25

Flemington N.J. - April 18  

To register leave a deposit here:

 $50 deposit confirmation.                         
    Call 215 245 1211 for info

Reiki Master Teacher Level 4  (Shinpiden) 
Call for information and Schedule.
215 245 1211

You must complete Reiki 1, 2 and 3 
If you want the Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certificate.


After completion you will have earned the
Master teacher Certificate
Contact me for schedule

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